Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Good News & Bad News

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of helping out a great volunteer in our community. Monday was not such a good day for City finances, however. Read on . . .



On Sunday I was proud to donate blood as part of Eagle Scout candidate and local San Mateo resident Robert Bosccaci's successful blood drive for Blood Centers of the Pacific at St. Gregory Catholic Church in San Mateo.

Robert organized this blood drive as part of his community service requirement to obtain the rank of Eagle Scout. The rank of Eagle Scout is the highest rank a Boy Scout can attain, and requires earning at least 21 merit badges and a showing community service and leadership.

Robert's leadership and service to our community reminded me what a great core of young volunteers we have in our community!

Volunteers like Robert Boscacci are what make our community great!



On Monday, the City Council made the difficult buT unavoidable decision to move over $4 million of City Redevelopment funds in order to pay a State ordered payment to fund K-12 schools.

The State ordered this money taken from local property taxes to help balance Sacramento's budget. The $4 million take-away from San Mateo's redevelopment funds means that three capital projects in the City will not be funded:

  • Capital Improvements at 4th Ave. and Claremont
  • Capital Improvements for Downtown San Mateo
  • Capital Improvements for Developer Assistance Programs
YOUR local tax dollars therefore were taken by state mandate to balance the state's budget. This makes it harder for us, the City Council, to provide the level of services you come to expect.

Prior to our required vote to turn this money over to the State, all five Councilmember, myself included, urged all residents of San Mateo to help our City by supporting an ballot initiative that will hopefully be on the November ballot entitled the "Local Taxpayer, Public Safety and Transportation Act". This initiative will stop state raids of local taxes such as the $4 million the City was forced to turn over last night.

I urge all residents to read the ballot initiative and sign the petition to get it on the November Ballot.


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