Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Volunteer Spirit is Alive and Well in San Mateo!

There is no denying that the City of San Mateo faces some challenging economic times ahead. In the next few months, decisions will need to be made that may drastically cut back services in our City. All parts of our community may be affected -- parks, libraries, children and senior services. Layoffs to city staff might become necessary. Economists predict that California might not pull out of this current recession until 2012.

In these tough times, I've been asked more than once, "Why did you want to be on City Council during one of the worst economic downturns since the Great Depression?" My answer is simple.

It's what we do in San Mateo.

Our City has a wonderful history of ordinary citizens like you and me stepping up and helping out our communities. Rather than wait for others to do things for us, we in San Mateo embody the American spirit of taking charge of our own destinies and working together for the common good. It is this spirit of giving and volunteerism that makes me optimistic about our City even when times are tough.

From time to time, I will highlight the volunteer efforts of our neighbors both to showcase their good work, and to remind us all of what we can do if we work together and remember what a great community we are blessed to live in.

Volunteer Spotlight: ROBERT BOSCACCI

Mr. Boscacci is a local high school student who is an Eagle Scout candidate. As part of Mr. Boscacci's efforts to become an Eagle Scout, Mr. Boscacci is hosting a blood drive at St. Gregory's Church this Sunday, January 31. Appointments can be made from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM by contacting Mr. Boscacci at

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