Saturday, February 6, 2010

Setting Goals for San Mateo 2010-2011

I need your help to chart the future of the City of San Mateo.

A very important study session will take place this Tuesday, February 9 at San Mateo City Hall in Room C starting at 5:30 PM.

The City Council will undertake their yearly planning session to:

  • Identify the City Council's vision and strategic direction for the upcoming year.
  • Discuss organization priorities for the upcoming year.
  • Receive an update from City staff on City Finances and the recommended strategy to develop the 2010-12 Business Plan for the City of San Mateo.
Our City faces a $5 million shortfall due to the continuing recession and state take-away of City funds. Setting priorities and a vision for the upcoming year is essential to help guide our City through these tough times.

Now more than ever we need each San Mateo resident to step up and work as a team to help solve the challenges facing our City.

I also belive that in these challenging times, there are opportunities to be creative, think outside the box, and establish new programs for our City that will improve our quality of life and put us in a position to take advantage of new opportunities for growth and prosperity.

That is why as your elected representative, I am not content to merely help our City "survive". Instead, I have outlined to City staff a full list of priorities, goals and objectives for issues we can address and solve to improve our City. You can read my a full outline of my priorities here, but my top priorities are:

  1. SENIORS & YOUTH. Implementation of a program to create positive interaction between seniors and youth.
  2. SUSTAINABILITY. Helping homeowners reduce their carbon footprint by making their homes more energy efficient. Also, re-examining our City's leaf blower ordinance, which has not been reviewed in over 12 years.
  3. TRAFFIC SAFETY. Increasing traffic safety in all our neighborhoods.
  4. QUALITY OF LIFE. Addressing nuisance and quality of life crimes in our streets such as graffiti and trash dumping.
I hope you will join me on February 9 at City Hall for this very important study session. Don't forget to review my plan, and email me with any thoughts or suggestions of your own.

See you next Tuesday!


David Lim
San Mateo City Council

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