Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Program to Encourage Energy Efficiency in San Mateo

Tonight I'm pleased to have voted along with the rest of the San Mateo City Council to participate in a joint program with 14 counties and over 300 other cities in California to allow homeowners to make energy efficient improvements to their homes.

Under this new program to be rolled out later this year, homeowners in San Mateo will be able to apply for low-interest funding through a municipal bond that will allow them to make improvements to their homes that will reduce their overall carbon footprint. Financing for the installation of solar panels, low-energy lighting, and water-saving systems will be available to homeowners through loans that will be paid back over a 20 year period through annual assessments to the homeowners property tax.

This program will be VOLUNTARY only, so no one will see an increase in their property taxes unless they participate in the program.

Thanks to City Staff of working hard to hammer out the details of this program.

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