Thursday, June 21, 2012

City of San Mateo Passes Balanced Budget with No Cuts to Service

On Monday, June 18, I was please to join with my fellow Councilmembers in unanimously passing a balanced budget totaling $118 million in operating expenses (of which $74 million is for the general fund).

Passage of this budget closed a $4.3 million budget gap thanks to deep consessions by our local labor unions and smart savings by each department within the City of San Mateo. 

The budget as passed does not cut any important safety or recreational services to our citizens.  The budget includes a provision to hire up to four new police officers to improve public safety, continue to repair and refurbish our aging infrastructure such as roads, sewers, and storm drains, and enhance and upgrade our parks and recreation facilities. 

The budget also includes items to ensure affordable housing, maintain quality fire prevention services, and address adequate planning and building to continue to grow our city in a sustainably responsible manner. 

To view the report on our budget, click here

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