Saturday, June 25, 2011

Preparing for Disasters - San Mateo Amateur Radio Club

This afternoon I was thrilled to take part of "Amateur Radio Field Day", hosted by the San Mateo Amateur Radio Club.  

Held at Beresford Park, the Field Day was part of a nationwide event in which thousands of amateur radio operators practiced setting up mobile communication sites in the event of a disaster.  

When a disaster strikes, radio amateurs are often the first to provide critical information and communications.  Using only emergency power supplies, amateur radio operators will construct emergency stations in parks, malls, schools, and backyards around the country.  

More than 34,000 amateur radio operators across the country participated in last year's event, and Field Day has been held each year since 1933 except during World War II.  

At Field Day, I was shown how amateur radio operators are able to set up communication stations within hours after a disaster which allow them to communicate worldwide with other radio operators.  In a disaster in which electricity, phones, and internet service could be down for days or weeks, the ability of the amateur radio operators to communicate from any location without the electrical grid will be crucial for our community. 
As a City Councilmember for San Mateo, I gained valuable insight in the work of the San Mateo Amateur Radio Club, and I thank them for their dedication to our community. 

Thanks especially to Jeff Martin for giving me a tour of Field Day and teaching more about the important role of amateur radio communications! 


Thanks to Jeff Martin and all the members of the San Mateo Amateur Radio Club!

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