Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Reaffirming Our Committment to Sustainability

At last night's City Council meeting, our City took several steps to reaffirm our commitment to sustainability in amending the City's General Plan.

The San Mateo General Plan is an important document, in that it lays out the vision and "master plan" for how to grow our City responsibly over the long term.

Our City staff worked for over a year gathering input from residents, meeting with experts, and spending countless hours writing and revising areas of the General Plan dealing with zoning, park space, and sustainability.

In the area of sustainability, especially the area of water conservation and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, we worked in partnership with local groups such as the Sierra Club to strengthen our environmental policies.  In just one of many steps taken in the General Plan, the City now pledges to "Reduce citywide gross water consumption per capita to 102 gallons/day, and reduce the residential per capita to 70 gallons/day." Land Use Goal 8e (p. II-43). 

Thank you again to the City Staff, City residents, and advocacy groups who helped to bring our General Plan up to date! 

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