Wednesday, October 6, 2010

International Walk to School Day

This morning, school kids around San Mateo took part in "International Walk to School Day" as part of an effort to encourage children to lead healthier lives, protect our environment, and create safer paths to school for all children.

While various elected officials around San Mateo County did a great job highlighting this effort, I chose a more subdued approach -- I walked my two girls to their Kindergarten!

It was great fun.  First, the girls enjoyed walking and spending time with me (I hope!).  Second, we ran into their friends walking to school, and so they got spend some time talking to friends on the way to school.  And third and perhaps most importantly, the kids found a "secret shortcut" to school (really just a detour through a church parking lot!).  

All in all, walking to school has many benefits beyond the health of the walkers.  Walking to school creates a sense of community, which is turn leads to safer streets.  Plus, it's just great fun!

Our family plans to make the walk to school a regular part of our routine!   Happy walking!

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