Saturday, February 4, 2012

San Mateo City Council Goal Setting Session

On February 15, 2012 the City Council will meet to set the goals and priorities for the upcoming legislative year for the City of San Mateo.
Over the past year, I have worked tirelessly to meet with as many of you as possible to listen to your ideas about how we can improve our City for everyone. In the Fall, I hosted two successful "City Council UNPLUGGED" meetings at the main library, where Councilmembers, City staff, and the public met informally to discuss the future of our City.

Being a Councilmember means listening to all of you and turning your ideas in comprehensive legislation that can move our City forward. 

Based on my discussions with residents from all corners of the City, I plan ask the City Council and City Staff to focus on the following areas in the coming year:

  • DOWNTOWN PARKING: A review of our downtown parking inventory, with emphasis on it's the impact on residential neighborhoods in the area and the ability of senior to park, eat and shop in our Downtown.

  • LEAFBLOWERS: A review of our current leaf blower ordinance, with a focus on noise and emissions pollution.

  • SINGLE-USE BAGS & CONTAINERS: Support for a ban on single-use bags and containers that make sense to local small-business owners. 

  • ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Creation of a comprehensive plan for economic development throughout our City, with an emphasis on drawing retail, technology, and performing arts businesses to our Downtown.

If you have already been part of our discussions, THANK YOU for your participation, and I welcome your continued input as we move forward on these and other issues.

If you have yet to weigh in on these issues, I encourage you to contact me and share your wisdom and input with me.

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