Friday, July 22, 2011

Waiting in Line for Shoes?!?

Part of the job of being a Councilmember is to be accessible to all members of our community.

Last night on my way home from work I received a call from the owner of Atlas, a skateboard apparel store on 2nd Ave and Ellsworth in downtown San Mateo. A group of kids had started to line up in front of his store in anticipation of the release of some new shoes this coming Sunday. The release of this new shoe had the kids lining up overnight to secure one of 34 pairs of shoes Atlas would be selling.

While standing in line overnight for a pair of shoes is not something I would do, we are a culture that sleeps out for concert tickets, sporting events, and the mega deals of "Black Friday" after Thanksgiving. So my position on this issue was to allow these kids to express their excitement for this "shoe event" in a way that respects our community, maximizes their safety, and minimizes disruption to surrounding businesses.

Ryan the owner of Atlas, asked for my help in talking with the police and City staff to address the issue. After talking to our police chief, the kids in line, as well as the parents of the kids, I was able to help facilitate an agreement that maximizes the safety of the kids as they wait in line, ensures minimal disruptions to downtown businesses, and allows parents to make informed choices about this event.

Thank you to the staff of the police department, the city attorney's office, and other community leaders in addressing this issue.

I will continue to be engaged in a hands-on manner in events in our community.

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