Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We Run Faster in San Mateo! - Local Runners Dominate Bay to Breakers

Thirteen of the top 25 finishers are from San Mateo.

San Mateo was extremely well represented in this year’s Bay to Breakers, with an incredible 13 of the top 25 runners hailing from here.

According to current race results, every single runner between the 10th-place finisher (Giliat Ghebray) and the 22nd (Jimmy Grabow), with one exception, was from San Mateo.

The results also indicate that all 13 members of this running bloc finished within a hair’s breadth of each other, clocking in somewhere between 37 minutes flat and 37 minutes, one second. (Two of the runners, Stephan Shay and Drew Shackleton, came in at a tie, with both earning a 16th-place ranking.)

None of these runners outran 2011 Bay to Breakers champion Ridouane Harroufi of Morocco, who finished in 34 minutes, 26 seconds—but they were close, and their times rivaled and in many cases beat those from the “elite” division.

Here are all of the San Mateo runners placing within the top 25, according to BazuSports:

Giliat Ghebray37:0010
Neville Davey37:0011
Tommy Greenless37:0012
Marco Anzures37:0014
Mark Matusar37:0015
Stephan Shay37:0016
Drew Shackleton37:0016
Mike Sayenko37:0117
Chris Chavez37:0118
Armen Vartanian37:0119
Yosef Ghebray37:0120
Charlie Serrano37:0121
Jimmy Grabow37:0122

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