Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Being Green Means Saving Green!

I continue to be excited about our new trash and recycle service in the City of San Mateo.  Now more than ever, being GREEN is not just good for the environment, it keeps more GREEN in your wallet!

At our last City Council meeting on March 7, there were continued questions about how rates are set for our new collection service by Recology. 

The anwer is simple:  You are charged by the size of your BLACK garbage can, not the size of your blue recycle bin, or your green compost bin.

The smaller your BLACK bin, the less your garbage bill!

The equation is:

More recycle = Less garbage = Smaller Black Bin = LOWER GARBAGE BILL!!

Using my own household as an example, before we started weekly recycling, our family threw away an average of four full bags of garbage a week.  Now, under the new weekly single-stream recycling and compost system, our weekly garbage load looks like this:

Our weekly garbage load is so small thanks to the new recycling and composting program, that even my 5 year-old daughter can carry out the trash!

That's right.  We are down to a HALF bag of garbage a week.  Our recycling bin looks like this:

Our recycle and compost bins are now filled to the brim weekly thanks to single-stream recycling!

The new recycle program by Recology allows you to recycle even more products than before.  Pizza boxes, used napkins -- they can all be recycled or composted.  And with single-stream recycling, there is no more sorting can, bottles, and plastics during these rainy winter months!  Our family has gone from a 32-gallon can to a 20-gallon can, so even with the recent rate increases we will be paying less for our monthly garbage bill while at the same time helping to keep our landfill open longer and helping to reduce our overall carbon footprint!

Any families in San Mateo who would like to discuss ways to help reduce their garbage load, and therefore save on their garbage bills are welcome to contact me any time for tips and resources!  Remember, it's not just good for your wallet, it's great of the environment!

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