Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Providing "Tools 4 Schools"!

Yesterday I was proud to lend my support to a great effort to help supply local San Mateo County schools with much needed equipment to succeed. 

Back when I was a public school teacher, I spent over $1000 a year on basic school supplies for my classroom.  Copy paper, markers, notepads, pencils -- there was just not enough money in the budget to give each child the equipment necessary for a dynamic, meaningful education.

In today's tough budget times, teachers are spending even more of their own money to provide the best education for their students.  And while the dedication of our public school teachers is admirable, it's unfair to ask them to spend their own money on basic supplies for their classrooms.

That's why yesterday I was excited to be at Martin Elementary School in South San Francisco helping pass out over 30 boxes of copy paper, notepad, and markers for all the kids to use in their classrooms.

The generous donation to Martin Elementary School was part of the "Tools 4 Schools" campaign headed by the non-profit group  Board Members Manufou Liaiga Anoa’i and Keesa Ocampo spearheaded the effort to raise money for local schools to buy basic equipment for their classrooms.  Over a four month period, "Tools 4 Schools" raised over $10,000 and collected supplies to give to 11 of the most deserving elementary schools in the Greater Bay Area.

I was proud to be part of the host committee that helped to raise the money and gather the equipment, but the real heros were Manufou and Keesa, who did a great job organizing all the events to raise the money and hand out the equipment.

Efforts such as "Tools 4 Schools" are important, because it helps to remind us of the good that we all can do beyond the borders of our City.  Thanks again to "Tools 4 Schools"!

Providing "Tools 4 Schools" to the students at Martin Elementary!

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