Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Talking Consolidation of Police Services with City of Burlingame

Today as part of the City of San Mateo's efforts to reduce costs without compromising public safety, I will be meeting with consultants hired by the City of San Mateo to assess whether a merger of police services by the City of San Mateo and Burlingame make sense.

As you know, last spring I urged our City to slow down, take our time, and fully assess the ramifications to police consolidation on our neighborhoods and community.  While I am all for saving taxpayer money, it should not come at the cost of public safety.

I am therefore proud that our City ended up taking the time to hire consultants who are now seeking input from the Council and the community on this topic.  They will analyze a possible merger not only from a cost-savings perspective, but also look at how a change in resources and allocation of patrol services, detective services, etc.  might affect each City. 

If you have an opinion or suggestion on this issue, I encourage you to send me an email.

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