Friday, May 14, 2010

Wonderful Art in San Mateo

Last week I was honored to attend two events that showcase the artistic talents and community spirit of our City.

On Thursday, May 6, I attended the installation of a painting by local artist Ruth Waters.  Ms. Waters donated to the City of San Mateo Library her painting, "September Sunset".  Her beautiful artwork now enhances the lounge area of the 3rd floor of the main library as you come up the stairs.  

Thank you to Ms. Waters for her generous donation to the San Mateo Library system, and to our Library Board of Trustees and Library staff for making this possible!

Artist Ruth Waters and her painting, "September Sunset" on display as a gift to the San Mateo City Library (3rd Floor)

On Friday, May 7 I was pleased to present awards to the winners of an art contest to raise awareness for the 2010 U.S. Census.  Sponsored by the Mural, Music and Arts Project, students from San Mateo High School won awards for visual arts, graffiti arts, multimedia arts, and written poetry.  Their wonderful artwork is currently on display in San Mateo City Hall.

Thanks to San Mateo art teachers Julie Stock and Elizabeth Yapp for organizing the event!

Thanks to San Mateo High School Faculty and Student Winners of the Census 2010 Art Contest!

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