Wednesday, October 23, 2013

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Editorial: Hugg, Lim and Ross for San Mateo City Council
October 04, 2013, 05:00 AM Editorial
The city of San Mateo is fortunate to have had both David Lim and Robert Ross on the council for the past four years. Both have proven to be incredibly diligent public servants in their council capacity.
Lim has been the epitome of responsible and responsive without any fear of asking questions and making waves. If there is a solution possible, Lim will seek to find it.
During the controversy over the new 7-Eleven on San Mateo Drive, Lim was indefatigable in his quest to find a solution for neighbors distraught by the planning process and took it a step further in determining that the city's Community Development Department may have needed some additional attention. When it came to considering a ban on leaf blowers, Lim went through the process in determining whether such a move was workable and backed off when he decided it was not. Councils often develop leaders but usually such a leader takes time to develop. Lim hit the ground running and has been hitting his stride ever since he first took office.
Ross has been a great complement to Lim in that both are not afraid to ask tough questions. Ross is also incredibly accessible and responsive to needs both great and small. He is a font of ideas and isn't afraid of sharing them and brainstorming. And his enthusiasm for the city is catchy.
Both started on the council when finances were shaken by the recession and have helped oversee large-scale cuts to ensure the city met its bottom line. That was done with aplomb and, as the city moves out of its economic hard times, both have the composure to ensure the city remains fiscally conservative and solvent. Both have provided steady and consistent leadership on the council.
With Councilman Brandt Grotte opting not to run for re-election, there is an opportunity to elect a new face to the council. The best candidate is Joshua Hugg, who has proven himself knowledgeable on city and regional issues. A proponent of affordable housing, Hugg has immersed himself in the Housing Leadership Council and brings a holistic point of view to the Planning Commission, where he now serves. He has a firm grasp on the city's budget and its challenges and is creative in his thinking about how the city can squeeze additional savings. As a member of the Home Association of North Central San Mateo, he has an understanding of neighborhood issues and how the city can partner in solving them.
Candidates Joe Goethels and Karen Schmidt also bring much to the table. Goethels recently started serving on the Peninsula Health Care District board and will continue to contribute there.
For this election, Lim and Roberts deserve to be re-elected and Hugg deserves to join them.